Tumbling Waters

Tumbling Waters is a condominium project in the City of San Luis Obispo. The project consists of widening one of the city’s heavily traveled roads, Orcutt Rd. Also, the project has an extension of Sacramento Rd and creating a new intersection with Orcutt Rd to allow easier travel to the industrial part of the city. Papich Construction is contracted to complete all site work for the 45 condominiums that will be constructed on both sides of Sacramento Rd.. Papich Construction has completed the installation of storm drain, water line, dry utilities, re-claimed waterline, and sewer including all tie-ins to the existing facilities. We have also done all earthwork road sections and paving to the site and completed the Orcutt Rd. widening and Sacramento Rd. extension which included the construction of a con-span bridge and a cast-in-place retaining wall placed on a radius. Papich Construction has completed the Phase I construction of the on-site site work and will be completing the remaining Phase II on-site work upon completion of the above grade construction.