San Luis Obispo County Airport

The San Luis Obispo Regional Airport extension of Runway 11/29 began in March of 2007 and completed in October 2008. The project included an extension of approximately 1400’ to the existing runway on the West end, and a 600’ extension to the East end. Import of 76,000 CY of embankment fill, 160,000 CY of Select fill, and 28,000 CY of engineered fill was required to bring the new runway and taxiways up to grade. Structure section was comprised of 6,000 CY of FAA regulated P-209 baserock, 7,500 CY of Caltrans baserock, 14,000 tn of FAA ¾” asphalt, and 10,000 tn of FAA 1” Marshall Mix asphalt. It also included the installation of over 3,500 lf of HDPE storm drain, a large masonry block retaining wall, a complete retrofit of the parking lot and sewer system serving adjacent businesses, and new electrical components for the runway / taxiway light and VASI systems. A majority of the work was performed during night hours (during the airport’s curfew hours) but had to be reopened by 6am everyday so as not to interrupt normal flight operations. The intent of this project was to accommodate larger aircraft, and encourage more passenger airline services.